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Health & Safety Training Course with MSAFE - Gaining more awareness of your Health & Safety duties

As 'controlling mind' it is essential as business owners, CEOs or Board of Directors that you have a sound awareness on what your duties are under current health and safety legislation and how they can impact you corporately and individually.

In our experience there is a lot of misunderstanding as to what are 'legal requirements', how the law is enforced and what the personal implications of failure to meet duties could be. We are also aware of the demands on Directors, and pressures on time can mean that attending lengthy 'padded out' courses can present an obstacle to developing knowledge in health and safety.

As such, MSAFE has developed a bespoke training course that concisely delivers the knowledge and 'way of thinking' to equip Directors to lead their organisation in this area. To limit your time and effort, the course is held at your premises and consists of a 2-3 hour session that will leave attendees with a good understanding of:

  • How health and safety law is administered in the UK
  • The difference between civil and criminal law
  • Legal requirements on Employers and their implications on Directors
  • Possible versus likely outcomes when duties are breached
  • Personal implications if facing prosecution / civil action
  • Why successful businesses will manage health and safety as part of a holistic risk mitigation approach
  • How to minimise risk of accidents, ill health, prosecutions and successful civil claims

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