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The Contractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

Meet industry standards and requirements with CHAS

The Contractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and SAFE Contractor are industry standards that help to demonstrate that organisations carrying out construction related work are meeting basic safety requirements under current legislation. At MSAFE we can assist your organisation in developing your arrangements and procedures to meet the criteria set out in CHAS to achieve accreditation.

What are CHAS and SAFE Contractor?

CHAS and SAFE Contractor are examples of a number of accreditations recognised by Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) which is an initiative introduced by the HSE aimed at avoiding the bureaucratic burden of repetitive competency assessment procedures adopted in the construction industry.

Accreditation to CHAS, SAFE Contractor or other schemes recognised by SSIP are often a pre-requisite to being awarded contracts for many clients. While some clients will still adopt lengthy pre-qualification procedures, the purpose of schemes recognised under SSIP is to demonstrate that the accredited company has been externally verified for basic safety compliance to avoid repeating the process on every tender. 

How can MSAFE help?

CHAS and SAFE Contractor schemes require the organisation to demonstrate adequate systems and procedures are in place to meet relevant safety duties and evidence that these are being effectively implemented in the organisation. Applying for CHAS or SAFE Contractor can be time consuming and confusing, particularly if you're not familiar with the terminology or the required standards set out in the scheme. That's where we can help.  We assist organisations who are seeking accreditation by:

  • Assessing existing arrangements and procedures against the scheme criteria
  • Identifying any shortfalls and providing guidance on remedial action required
  • Providing the tools and documentation (where needed) that will assist in a successful application
  • Assisting in collating information towards CHAS / SAFE Contractor application
  • Advising on staff training requirements to meet CHAS / SAFE Contractor standards
  • Assisting in completion of the CHAS / SAFE Contractor application paperwork
  • Acting as your competent Health and Safety Advisor where there is insufficient skills and training in-house

 MSAFE undertake work throughout the UK, with CHAS & Safe Contractor application help to many businesses in Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Gloucestershire, Devon, Cornwall, Oxfordshire and London.

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