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Introduction to CDM 2015

We've tried to summarise some of the key changes and action you need to take to comply with the CDM changes 2015.
8 April 2015

Are you ready for the changes to CDM and the introduction of CDM 2015?

What you need to do...

These are not all of your duties but we have tried to summarise key changes and action you need to take post 6th April to comply.

Contractors & Principal Contractors

Review the Regulations and ensure you are familiar with the same. The regulations and guidance can be found at:

Key actions you are now required to undertake:

  1. Ensure that clients are aware of the Regulations and duties imposed on them.
  2. On projects with more than one contractor ensure that the client has appointed a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor.
  3. The regulations now apply to all projects including domestic projects. In reality you will be required to assist any domestic clients in discharging their duties.
  4.  The notification threshold has changed (500 person days or 30 working days & more than 20 persons working on site simultaneously. This will take many projects out of the notification threshold, however.....
  5. All projects now require a construction phase plan to be in place prior to commencement.

There are further requirements but these are the same or similar to the old Regulations.


As a designer your duties remain relatively unchanged from the old Regulations. When preparing or modifying designs you are required to eliminate, reduce or control foreseeable risks that may happen during construction or maintenance and use of a building after it’s been built.

You also need to provide information to other members of the project team to help them fulfil their duties.

Review the Regulations and ensure you are familiar with the same. The regulations and guidance can be found at:

Principal Designer

The role of CDM Coordinator has now been removed, this means you may be asked to undertake the new role of Principal Designer. This new role will make you responsible for planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating health and safety in the pre-construction phase of a project. This includes:

  1. Ensuring the client is aware of their duties.
  2. Identifying, eliminating or controlling foreseeable risks.
  3. Ensuring designers carry out their duties.
  4. Preparing and providing relevant information to other dutyholders.
  5. Liaising with the principal contractor to assist in the planning, management and monitoring of the health and safety in the construction phase.
  6. Ensure that the health and safety file is produced.

MSAFE will be available to support and assist you in undertaking the new role of Principal Designer and complying with your duties in general, if you require further assistance please contact us.

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