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Strategic Review

Strategic health & safety review

Putting together your strategy for health & safety in the workplace

MSAFE Risk Management can carry out a strategic review of your existing health and safety management. These reviews are usually undertaken for a number of reasons including:

  • Organisational change: The organisation has a change in structure or operations and wants to review compliance either before, during or after the change
  • Major incident: The organisation has had a situation occur such as an accident or fatality and wants to review compliance
  • The organisation wants to step up a gear: the organisation knows it is compliant and has systems in place but wants to look for areas where it can improve its procedure

Our approach to these reviews is bespoke in each instance depending on the nature of the review, timescale and resources but in general it will always cover the following:


  • Define the scope of the review, the areas that will be looked at and the legislation that is applicable


  • Identify & examine the roles of personnel within the organisation
  • Review and comment on the role and use of contractors, external consultants or other third parties
  • Identify roles & responsibilities together with existing levels of training, experience and qualifications of those undertaking the roles

Systems & Procedures

  • Identify existing management systems & procedures, determine level of compliance with intended aims of the same
  • Identify compliance with existing management procedures
  • Where identified, determine the possible reasons for non-compliance
  • Identify and examine how wider management procedures within the organisation influence compliance
  • Identify and examine how change is managed
  • Examine the process and procedures for emergency events and how this may impact compliance

Communications & Relationships

  • Examine the relationship between stakeholders within the organisation and externally
  • Examine the interaction & communication between the individuals and teams within the organisation
  • Examine interaction and communication between the organisation and external organisations
  • Examine where possible how culture may be affecting compliance

MSAFE undertake work nationwide. However, we have a strong presence acting as Strategic H&S Review consultants in Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Gloucestershire, Devon, Cornwall, Oxfordshire and London.

To arrange a competitive fee proposal please contact MSAFE on 0333 8000 700 or fill in your details using the form and we'll call you back.





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