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Risk Assessment

Risk assessments: protecting your workers and your business

Focusing on the risks that really matter

The risk assessment approach is important, not just to ensure legal compliance, but to manage an effective business. To assist with the risk assessment process MSAFE offer a number of services associated with risk assessments:

Template risk assessments

MSAFE has developed template risk assessments for a range of tasks and activists that are available to purchase. These documents highlight the expected hazards and outline suitably control measures. The person responsible for undertaking the risk assessment can then use this information and amend or update the assessment as necessary based in the suggestions.

Assistance with the development of bespoke risk assessments

For more specific or complex operations MSAFE can assist you with bespoke advice. This is normally undertaken by visiting you on site and discussing your activities. We can then advise on what we perceive the hazards to be and assist with an appropriate plan to address these hazards.

Review and comment on risk assessments

We can also review and comment on an existing risk assessment. This service may be a simple remote check and comment based on our experience, or it could involve a visit to your site and discussions around the options for hazard control with you.

 MSAFE can undertake risk assessments across the UK.  However, our main client base is in Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Gloucestershire, Devon, Cornwall, Oxfordshire and London.

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