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Safeguarding Training

RoSPA Approved Safeguarding e-learing course

Vulnerable adults and children aren’t as capable to protect themselves, making them targets for abuse and neglect. This can cause long-lasting repercussions for the individual, which could be stopped if more businesses were aware of the signs and where to go for help.

This 50 minute training course provides information on the safeguarding processes that need to be adhered to when working with children or vulnerable adults.

Who is the safeguarding training course for?

All employees who come into contact with vulnerable adults and children should attend this course.

What will attendees of this course learn?

By attending this course, employees will learn:

  • The principles of safeguarding and what their legal responsibilities entail
  • The different types of abuse and neglect and how to recognise the signs
  • Actions to take to help prevent abuse 
  • Action to take if they suspect a risk of abuse

How will MSAFE’s safeguarding Training Course benefit my organisation?

This course will benefit your company by:

  • Communicating the safeguarding procedures throughout your business to help raise awareness 
  • Demonstrate you have taken sufficient measures to ensure abuse to vulnerable adults and children in your care is minimised
  • Allow your organisation to demonstrate your responsibilities under the safeguarding guidelines

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