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New & Expectant Mothers Training

New & Expectant Mother e-Learning

RoSPA Approved Training course for New and Expectant mothers

Many workplaces who had previously had acceptable working conditions for new and expecting mothers may find that they are not compliant with current regulations and may contain hazards that could affect the health and safety new mothers and expecting mothers.

The amendments made to the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations in 1999 require employees to consider the special needs and risks for new mothers and women who are of childbearing age. 

This course is suitable for all females and new and expectant mothers

New and Expectant Mothers Course objectives 

By completing this course, attendees will learn:

  • The hazards in the workplace for new and expectant mothers
  • What an employee’s maternity entitlements are
  • The responsibility they have to inform their employer that they are pregnant, have given birth recently or are breastfeeding
  • What can be done to help manage their health and safety in the workplace

How will MSAFE’s training course for New and Expectant mothers benefit my organisation?

This training course will help your organisations by:

  • Demonstrating due diligence to employees who are vulnerable
  • Providing a consistent and effective communication of your policy
  • Ensuring data from risk assessments is provided for effective health management

Per person: £24.00 inc.VAT



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