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Health & Safety for Managers

Course Overview

Health & Safety for Managers is a 35 minute course designed to introduce managers to their safety obligations and responsibilities when supervising the employees who report to them. It communicates the importance of risk assessment, avoiding accidents and Health & Safety policy. This course has been Approved by RoSPA.

Courses are regularly updated so that the look and content are as fresh and stylish as possible. The EssentialSkillz range of class-leading eLearning solutions includes rich animations (no Flash is used, so mLearning is an option, as courses are compatible with iPads), crisp clean graphics and engaging content.

As with all EssentialSkillz courses, Health & Safety for Managers eLearning is fully editable using our integrated Authoring tool. Edit text, add your own images and even add links to your policies and procedures - all at no extra cost.


  • Improve a basic knowledge of Health & Safety legislation
  • Advise managers on their own responsibilities in this area
  • Explain the importance of reporting, investigating and recording accidents
  • Teach how to conduct a risk assessment of the workplace
  • Advise on the importance of emergency procedures


  • Immediately communicate management safety responsibilities
  • Conveys safety policies and procedures
  • Health and Safety for Managers eLearning is fully editbale using our integrated Authoring tool

Per person: £24.00 inc.VAT


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