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Electrical Safety Training

Electrical Safety e-Learning

RoSPA Approved Electrical Safety Training

A 20-minute course highlighting the main dangers associated with the misuse and promotion of the safe use of all electrical equipment .

This course is suitable for all employees and is particularly suitable to those who are involved in maintenance or facility management.

The course is flexible and can be customised to add or delete relevant content as necessary and is fully editable to add policies and procedures, amend text and images at no extra cost.

This course is available on iPad and tablet devices.

Course objectives

Through completing the Electrical Safety course, employees will learn:

  • Common electrical hazards in the workplace
  • Dangers associated with misuse of electrical equipment
  • Emergency procedures including information like how to report an accident
  • Avoiding electrical shocks or fires
  • Basic first aid for dealing with shocks or burns

How does the Electrical Safety Course benefit my workplace?

The Electrical Safety training course will positively benefit your workforce by:

  • Ensuring all employees are aware of electrical hazards
  • Mitigate potential liability in case of electrical incident
  • Evidence of understanding in relation to electrics

Per person: £24.00 inc.VAT


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