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Driving Safely Training

RoSPA Approved Driving Safely Training Course

Road accidents happen due to distractions, lack of concentration and not following road signs. Sadly, some accidents aren’t your fault. However, you can reduce the number by learning how to use the road as safely as possible.

This is a 35-minute course designed to teach attendees the importance of sensible driving and reduce the number of work related accidents.

Who is this course for? 

This course should be attended by any employees, managers and supervisors who drive on company business.

What will attendees of this course learn?

Through completion of this risk assessment training course, attendees will learn:

  • How to maintain a good posture on the road
  • What their responsibilities are on the road
  • How to take responsibility for the safety of their vehicle
  • What constitutes as dangerous driving and how to be safe on the road 

How will MSAFE’s Safe Driving Training Course benefit my company?

This safe driving course will benefit your organisation because:

  • It ensures your company is compliant with the current legislation provided by the Health and Safety acts
  • Reduces the risk of liability under the Corporate Manslaughter Act in the event of a work-related road fatality by demonstrating the correct practice and management in relation to safe driving
  • In the event of an accident, the course will help you by demonstrating compliance with the relevant legislation and producing an audit trail for the driver
  • Reduce the costs associated with accidents such as insurance costs and days lost due to injury by raising awareness of correct road safety behaviours and delivery specific company related policies 

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Per person: £24.00 inc.VAT



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