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CDM Services for clients

CDM Services to client after the effect of the CDM regulations 2015

On 6th April 2015 new Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations were introduced, changing the roles and responsibilities for clients involved in construction projects.

What is a client responsible for under CDM 2015?

The new CDM 2015 regulations require clients to have a greater responsibility for their construction work. 

  • Clients need to ensure that designers, Principal Designers and Principal Contractors appointed or engaged are competent to comply with the necessary health & safety requirements. 
  • Clients must make sure that the required pre-construction information has been collated by the Principal Designer and issued to all relevant designers and the Principal Contractor.
  • Clients must ensure that a suitable Principal Designer and Principal Contractor are appointed on all projects where more than one contractor is engaged to complete the works. If others are not appointed the responsibility will be passed automatically to the Client who will fill the duties of both Principal Designer and Principal Contractor.
  • Clients must ensure that sufficient time and resources are available.
  • Clients are required to issue the F10 for notifiable projects.
  • Clients are required to ensure that a suitable construction phase plan has been provided before works commence on site.
  • In addition to these key roles, clients must also ensure that arrangements put in place to manage health and safety throughout the pre construction and construction phase are adequate and working. These must be maintained and reviewed throughout the pre construction and construction phase.

What does MSAFE now offer for client in services?

The CDM advisory service from MSAFE ensures you have all the practical help you need to comply with the new CDM 2015 regulations and keep those working on your construction project safe.

If you feel as a client you need additional support and competent CDM advice, we can assist with all aspect of the construction process, from attendance at meetings with other dutyholders to site inspections, reviewing of documentation and reviewing welfare facilities. In accordance with the CDM Regulations 2015, we can act as your competent source of health and safety advice to assist you in complying with your duties.

Specifically we can:

  • Ensure that construction work is carried out, so far as reasonably practicable, without risk to the health and safety of workers
  • Complete and submit F10 notifications
  • Ensure that all parties including Principal Designer and Principal Contractor comply with duties
  • Advise on the suitability of construction phase plans from the Principal Contractor
  • Ensuring suitable welfare facilities are on site prior to and during construction
  • Ensuring that health and safety arrangements are maintained and reviewed throughout the whole project.

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 MSAFE undertake work nationwide where we can allocate adequate resources. However, we have a strong CDM Service presence in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Gloucestershire, West Sussex, Devon, Cornwall, Oxfordshire and London.

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