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Plenum Testing

MSAFE carry out on-site testing of Plenums & Raised Access Flooring with all testing carried out in accordance with BSRIA Guide ‘BG 65/2016 Floor Plenum Airtightness’

MSAFE can advise at the design stage and carry out design reviews and site inspections to ensure your plenums are adequately sealed to minimise air leakage and demonstrate compliance with the regulations.

Should your Plenum fail an Air Tightness Test, MSAFE have significant technical expertise in identifying likely areas where leakage can occur including smoke testing and advising on appropriate cost-effective remedial work.

A floor plenum is the void between the building’s structural floor and the raised access floor and is used to provide conditioned/heated air flow to the spaces above. Energy efficiency is compromised if conditioned/heated air leaks into unheated spaces such as risers, stairwells or adjacent cavities so air tightness is important to ensure the correct air flow rates.

MSAFE will supply a test report with separate results for both the Plenum and the Raised Access Floor.

To enquire about Plenum Testing please call 0333 8000 700 or contact us.

 Raised Access Floor Test


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